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Sky Bichon Frise

Located in the sunny south east, one hour from Dublin on the N11. I am a happy breeder of Bichon Frise. Following an accident in 1999 I had to retire from being a critical care nurse. I was given a beautiful present of a Bichon Frise puppy by my daughter.

The Bichon Frise is a lovely playful little dog 9 – 11 inches in height, weight 3 – 5 kilos who loves and needs human company. They have an independent spirit, are intelligent, self assured, confident but never arrogant. They are excellent with adults, children and old people alike. They are virtually hypo- allergenic and need to be trimmed giving them a rounded appearance. They are gentle charmers, not yappers barking only in welcome – an excellent alarm system.

My Bichons both male and female alike enjoy the freedom of running free over 16 acres of well fenced paddocks. They accompany me and the horses on a daily hack in the woods over 5 or 6 kms never tiring and always ready for more. They love their horse family and this love is mutual, horses dropping their heads to Bichon level and careful as to where their hoof falls.


Betty out hacking with the dogs

The puppies are whelped in a happy warm safe environment with intensive care facilities, they are nurtured with love and care. As they mature they are socialised with their extended family leading to happy confident well adjusted puppies. Their healthcare is up to date and medical fitness assured. My aim is to secure happy homes for each puppy where love is assured and their social happy loving temperament is appreciated and where all their needs are met. After care advice is available at all times.
All puppies leave with a IKC registration, 3 generation pedigree certificate, care plan, food package and own teddy bear with familiar smells, vaccination and health care certificates. The promise of follow up advice is there indefinitely. The Bichon Frise are a high maintenance little dog. With good grooming they will be your pride and joy. A healthy balanced diet and exercise will prevent any potential problems.